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Lab Services Specialist

Etowah Family Medical

Family Medicine Practice located in Gadsden, AL

In order to provide a full assessment of your health, you may need to have blood work done. For your convenience, Courtney Lowe, MD, and his team at Etowah Family Medical in Gadsden, Alabama, offer comprehensive in-house lab services so you don’t need to go to another facility for your blood work. To learn more about the in-house lab services, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Lab Services Q & A

What are lab services?

Lab services refer to the special diagnostic testing Dr. Lowe may need to further assess your health. Lab services include blood work or urine tests. The information gathered from these tests provides Dr. Lowe with objective data about the workings of your various organ systems and your risk of disease.

Dr. Lowe understands that your time is valuable and offers in-house lab services so you don’t need to go to a lab testing facility to complete your blood work.

What types of lab services are available?

Etowah Family Medical offers a complete array of in-house lab services, everything that you would expect from facilities like LabCorp. Some of the most common tests include:


Through a urinalysis, Dr. Lowe assesses your risk for various diseases, including diabetes and kidney disease.

Complete blood count (CBC)

A CBC measures the cells in your blood, including your red and white blood cells, as well as your platelets. Your CBC is used to assess risk for anemia.

Basic metabolic profile (BMP)

The BMP is used to measure your glucose, electrolytes, blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine levels. Dr. Lowe recommends this test to assess your general health and determine how well his treatments are working. He may also add additional tests to your BMP, referred to as a comprehensive metabolic profile, to further assess your organ systems.

Hemoglobin A1C

The hemoglobin A1C assesses blood sugar level over a two to three month period. Dr. Lowe recommends this test to diagnose diabetes or assess your blood sugar control.

Other tests offered include lipid profile, liver function tests, and hormone testing.

How do I know what labs I need?

Dr. Lowe is an experienced family medicine physician who determines the type of lab services you need when you come in for care. He may recommend general lab work to assess health when you come in for your annual physical or more specific lab work based on the types of symptoms you’re experiencing during a sick visit.

No matter your need, Dr. Lowe and his team at Etowah Family Medical provide the test you need at the office.

For an evaluation and comprehensive in-house lab services, call Etowah Family Medical today or book an appointment online.